We have been involved in the fiber industry ever since we began selling sewing threads when our company was founded in 1967, and have long fulfilled our customers’ wishes for various sewing materials. In due time, we began developing and manufacturing products to meet their high demands, and the products under the banner of our QUEEN ACE brand continue to be loved throughout the fiber industry up until this day. The Q and A of QUEEN ACE also carry the meaning of “question” and “answer,” as in addressing customers’ needs, and responding our desire to be appreciated by customers and useful to the world.
In order to satisfy our customers, QUEEN ACE continues to challenge itself to create new value.

Webbing used for bag handles and shoulder straps demand high function and design, in addition to durability and reliable quality. We continue to create new value by developing webbing considering various use scenarios.

It’s all about offering textiles with true values.
True values in a textile, in our opinion, are thickness, toughness, and durability.
Instead of resorting to the latest high-speed weaving machines to go after productivity, we use traditional weaving machines to allow craftsmen to control speed and repeatedly and sterically weave wefts until the fabric becomes rich and voluminous.
By leveraging the advantages of tough and attractive nylon material, our textiles offer softness, lightness, transparency and many other added functional values like no other created by the material evolution.

Sewing thread must often endure harsh conditions in order to stitch together various materials including fabric, leather, and velcro. Through our research into the twisting of thread and coating oils, we continue to improve the reliable quality and color reproduction of our threads.


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